Karyavinayak Temple

Bungamati has own set of festivals and Manakamana Jatra/Bhairav Jatra is one of them., The people of Bungamati celebrate this festival instead of Tika, the tenth day of Dashain that falls around the month of October. The Bhairav Jatra starts with the ritual of Hanuman Jagaune, where the spirit of Hanuman is evoked into a chosen person. Then the pair of Bhairava idols also known as Aaju & Aji are placed into a palanquin and carried around the alleys of Bungamati.

The festival continues to the next day where a people volunteer to carry the palanquin and is taken around Bungamati following a specific route. This festival is linked with a folk-story where the two deities, Bhairava and Bhimsen contest each other’s power following an argument.