When the team from Kathmandu reached Assam to bring him to the valley, his mother found out that they intended to kidnap her benevolent son. To prevent her son from leaving she would sleep on the doorway every night so that he could not leave the house at night. Someone as devout as Machhindranath would never step over his mother’s body is it would be considered a sacrilege.

One night, the benevolent Machhindranath decided to leave home for the good of the people of Kathmandu valley. Machhindranath quietly shifted each strand of his mother’s hair and got out of the house. As it was dark in the night and had missed to shift one strand of hair. Machhindranath gets punished for committing the sin of stepping over his mother’s hair and the tip of his nose fell off instantly. This is the reason why all the idols and images of Machhindranth doesn’t have a proper nose.