Sonam Tamang, 25, born in Dhading 100 km west of Kathmandu, grew up in Bungamati in the Lalitpur district. From childhood he had a passion for art and craftsmanship. He used to see that Thanka, a Tibetan Buddhist painting and had a deep desire to learn. Most of his friends are from the Newar community and are familiar with their culture, food and jatra. He has worked as a porter for 20 years and people from his field suggested to take up tour guide training. His dream came true when the Parya Sampada project announce a training for local tour guide for youth of Bungamati, Kirtipur and Chandragiri. Finishing his intermediate level in management, he diverted his career to the Diploma in Pauwa Art. He thanked the coaches and organizers for fulfilling his long-awaited dream. Having experience as a porter and a trek guide he said that he learned to collect information, personal skills, personal etiquette and essence of knowledge to become a local guide.

Youths from three settlements learn the basic concepts of the guide and know how to integrate information about ancient cultures, history, culture, art and drawing historical structures from the Newar community. Joshna Shrestha 19 from Chandragiri is from the health sector. Growing up in the Newar community she has a keen knowledge and curiosity about many aspects of culture. After attending a 5-day training of local guide, she developed confidence in disclosing details of tangible and intangible assets. She is committed to spreading the message of Mahalaxmi Jatra, the Mahalaxmi Temple, the Ganesh Temple in Chandragiri Municipality. "This training is an eye-opening milestone to know more about the essence of cultural values and its marketing for livelihood. Thank you very much to the organizers and trainers for this wonderful opportunity" she added.

SABAH Nepal, an active partner of the Parya Sampada project funded by the European Union Switch Asia Program conducted a 5-day training from August 17 – 21, 2021 in collaboration with the Tourist Guide Association of Nepal (TURGAN) and relevant local governments. About 22 youth with 70% of girls participated in this initiative. Krishna Kharel, lead trainer congratulates all participants and encourages them to pursue this field. He thanked the facilitator for encouraging the youth to take up the public marketing of cultural institutions. He also added that there is a good scope for local guides with knowledge, good manners, and a good sense of hospitality. Possessing the huge number of tangible and intangible heritages, Nepal has potential to become a big player in tourism sector. The tour guide with an energetic passion and specific package can promote the Nepalese tourism sector to the next level. Speaking by telephone with UN-Habitat, Ward Chairperson of Bungamati Ambir Shakya said local government is always available for any kind of support for youths who is taking up a