The recent article “A REVIEW ON CURRENT PRACTICES OF PLASTICS WASTE MANAGEMENT AND FUTURE PROSPECTS” published dated in May 2021, on the Journal of Science and Technology stated that Nepal produces about 2.7 tons of plastic garbage daily, and its improper management creates lots of problems including in environment and mankind. The Supreme court issued an interim order dated on Shrawan 28 (August 12) to the Nepal Government asking it to impose a complete ban on the use of plastic bags with less than 40 microns whereas Department of Environment, concerned government authority released the public notice in discouraging the use of plastic bags in daily lives. Keeping these statements in mind, the Parya Sampada project notified that 35% of the non-biodegradable waste collected in Bungamati are plastics. As one of the major interventions in contributing solid waste management, the project initiates in informing people about the adverse aspects of using plastic bags, disseminating the message for behavior change and replace those plastics with cloth bags in daily use of grocery and other activities.

Parya Sampada started to produce the jute bags by putting hands together with the Nepal Government for lessening plastic pollution. SABAH Nepal, an implementing partner, took initiative in producing jute bags in support of 4 women entrepreneurs who are beneficiaries of Entrepreneurship Development Training (EDT). Around 150 bags were produced and freely distributed in community ward offices of Lalitpur Metropolitan City and to other social organizations. As an initiation for triggering the mind set of people from Bungamati, the ward chairperson thanked for the praiseworthy work. As the regular campaign, the project disseminates the regular message in controlling the use of plastic in support of ward office LMC- 22. Parya Sampada, funded by Switch Asia Programme the plastic bag is also a mandate of the SWITCH-ASIA PROGRAMME, where the EU funded project is standing for the carbon-free world. Hope this effort might be the milestone in preserving environmental factors, green growth, and sustainability.