The Covid-19 pandemic has hit hard in all the countries around the world. However, particularly low-income countries like Nepal have been impacted highly. Beside with the health and economic impacts of COVID-19 pandemic, extreme weather events and the annual monsoon season are also hitting the communities hard in Nepal. Not only with the COVID threat but people are now also prone to the natural calamities such as monsoon floods, landslides and alike. Relating to the incident of Sindhupalchowk areas, multiple landslides and floods occurred from June 15, 2021. Many families have been displaced and hundreds of people have been left homeless as floods on Melamchi River swept through the areas. Roads, bridges and other public structures have been damaged in flood affected areas. Large amount of crops were destroyed affecting agriculture, which might cause starvation for the future. In the immediate post disaster stage, the Government and other organizations provided ready to eat items, food and other basic essentials to the flood victims. However there were other needs that required immediate action to support women home based workers and infants of that area. Realizing the fact that disasters affect women and girls in different ways than they affect boys and men, SABAH Nepal through Parya Sampada project with the primary initiation of Women Friendly Disaster Management (WFDM), accessed the situation and prepared a relief plan to support the affected community, women home based workers and their families (children) from the flood affected areas.

A total of 200 women home-based workers and 100 infants were provided with the essential emergency items such as warm clothes, health and hygiene items, Nutritious food etc. The essential clothes which were distributed were prepared from the women home based workers trained by the Parya Sampada project. The trained participants of the project also had an opportunity to upgrade their skills along with some livelihood support. They were also happy to use their skills to serve for the ones in need during these trying times. With the support of Home Net International (HNI), WFDM successfully carried out the relief distribution program on July 4, 2021 reaching out to the needy and excluded groups. The Bungamati Community along with the Parya Sampada team was very fortunate to be a part of this initiation and support the affected community. The contribution made from the project for sustainable livelihood was highly appreciated. The importance of networking between settlements was also highlighted in such critical situations. UN-Habitat prioritizes the networking of these kinds of settlements and shall work for a better understanding, coordination, and support in different other priorities as per the changing situation. PARYA SAMPADA – Sustainable Tourism and Green Growth for Heritage Settlements of the Kathmandu Valley (Parya Sampada) is a project funded under SWITCH-Asia intervention of the European Union in partnership with UN-Habitat. The project has been working in different heritage settlements within the Kathmandu Valley.